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Interior Painting Spokane

The inside of your home is your most personal space and should reflect your tastes and desires.  Fresh paint or other coatings are the best way to refresh these spaces, whatever the reason or occasion might be.

With all our services, we start out by discussing the project to gain a good understanding of what you need professionally done, and what the desired outcome is.  We want to be your partner in making your spaces beautiful, and we believe that educating you on the correct steps to take, and then performing them at our best is what makes our clients happy.  This is why we are trusted by so many for interior painting in Spokane from the owners of fine homes, architects, interior designers, real estate professionals, and rental property owners alike.

Some popular interior painting services we offer:

  • Full interior repaint – walls and ceilings only
  • Full interior repaint – all surfaces (walls, ceilings, doors, trim)
  • Selective repainting (hard to reach areas, additions, partial home remodels, accent walls)
  • Painting of doors and trim
  • Dustless wood sanding & restoration
  • Wood staining and clear coating, lacquer finishes
  • Cabinetry refinishing
  • Epoxy floor coatings

If you’ve painted on your own before, you know there is a lot more work involved other than just showing up with your brush and roller.  With 40+ years of experience doing this, we know all the hurdles you may be worried about and we have solutions to overcome them.  Plus, we go through the steps needed to prepare the surfaces for painting so you are always happy with the outcome even many years down the road.  We are also a General Contractor, so any needed repairs that should take place before the painting can be handled first.

When we meet to discuss your project we’ll discuss what steps are needed, where cut off points and transitions will be, and how we’ll be accessing difficult areas.  Scheduling is very important and we’ll make every effort to work within your time frames.

Clean working practices

When working indoors, our foremost concern is protecting surfaces and belongings that are not to be painted.  We’re trusted to do this whether we are spraying an entire house or just painting a bathroom or kitchen.  Our company uses state of the art dustless sanding equipment and vacuums up all messes created by our work.  The last thing you want after having your house painted is a mess to clean up.

Sprayed finishes that set us apart – Pictures Here

Many are surprised to hear that on larger interior projects, our preferred course of action is to spray the finish.  Our experience allows us to be confident in this method by meticulously masking off everything not to be painted.  Educate yourself on how we are able to spray paint inside your home by clicking here.

Interior Painting Spokane

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