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Exterior Painting Spokane

A painted home exterior serves two purposes. It protects the building materials from our sweltering summers to our frigid winters and everything in between.  But in addition to that, it is the face you come to know as home and can be a celebration of your tastes and preferences expressed by how you have it painted. Whether you are considering painting to put back the top layer of protection for your siding, or changing the personal look and style of your house, we know exactly how to help.  Plus, as a General Contractor well versed in historic restoration, we can offer several repairs to increase the lifespan of those outside surfaces hit the worst by our climate.

Some of our popular exterior painting services include:

We work with a variety of products and paints depending on your particular situation and the desired outcome you have in mind.  We also recommend the best products and techniques to get the surface ready for paint when extra prep is needed, an often overlooked step.  Nearly all exterior painting projects require some degree of prep work. Our specialty is handling this prep properly by using specialty equipment and techniques honed over 40+ years of experience.

Want to see the steps taken on some real life projects of ours?  Please visit our Portfolio Page.

The steps taken to prepare the surface for painting often have the biggest impact on how happy you will be 2 to 10 years or more down the road with your paint job. Insist that all the steps your painting professional will be taking to complete your exterior painting project are made clear in the proposal.  Be wary of contractors with vague statements like “Prep then paint your house.”  One thing about us is that we want our clients to be educated about the process so they know what they are getting.

Exterior Painting Spokane

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