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West Central Craftsman

This project starts like so many others in our northwest climate.  The North facing side of the house still looks fine.  But my how badly weathered the sun facing sides have become.  Lets have a look.

Here you can see the shingles on this West side of the house have been nearly ruined thanks to the large temperature swings of our region.  This is a problem requiring more than a new coat of paint.

The garage required some real attention as well.  However, as long as the wood siding isn’t rotted or extremely weathered (cupped, cracked), it can be made viable again to paint.


Here’s that garage again for comparison.  Look what we’re able to do to it…


In addition to scraping, pressure washing, priming, caulking and painting the garage, we took the time to remove that unsightly moss.  If it helps to beautify your property, we’ll suggest it to you.


Here’s our solution to the siding that got destroyed by the sun.  We’re familiar with siding repairs.  Anything that goes along with the finishing trades we have experience with.


At this stage, the newly replaced siding had been primed with a penetrating oil primer to block out any tannin bleed through, and painted with a high quality paint.

We love the way this porch turned out.  A beautiful deep ocean blue paired with the uniquely lavender grey body color.  A winning combination!

In the end, the bright white trim really brought out the strong features of this Craftsman style Spokane home.

Before Repairs

Tear Down

New Shingles

After Repairs

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