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Spokane Valley Rancher

This rancher in Spokane Valley had recently been painted before our clients purchased it, and the hunch is that the prep work was very minimal.

It still looked decent from afar, but some serious issues were starting to develop that had the owner torn between having it sided with vinyl siding or investing in a paint job with a lot of prep.

Here you can also see how some of the stained cedar shakes were starting to discolor.  Some maintenance staining was in order at this time.

When we came out to bid we explained how the paint failure issues could be addressed.  We also explained the importance of preserving the charm of the original trim and how we’d modernize the look of the aluminum storm windows too.  With vinyl siding, most of these features would have been lost for good.

This is what can happen to lap siding over the years when the paint begins to fail and release from the siding.  What really helps in this situation is removing all the edges and lips of the failed paint and getting a quality bonding primer on there to help ‘glue down’ the problem areas.

After considerable scraping to test the old paint for adhesion, we did our best to feather out all the rough edges by sanding as seen here.  Nowadays, we have specialized equipment that really speeds this process up.

Next, after pressure washing, bonding primer was applied and unsightly gaps and cracks were all caulked up tight.  We had also applied new stain to the cedar shingles and front posts.

After the primer and caulking, the body color was sprayed on leaving us with only the trim and porches left to paint.  Notice the difference of that cedar shake chimney under the plastic?.

Modernized Aluminum Storm Windows

A unique service we offer is painting your aluminum storm and screen windows.  Here all the screens and glass panes have been masked off and the spray can get into the various contours of the aluminum to really transform that dull grey look into something modern.

Seen here, those same old storm windows now look new like the rest of the house and can still offer the protection of a storm window without dating the look of the house.  It sure beats the cost of all new storm windows too, and it’s been shown that original single pane windows with storms have a better efficiency rating than double paned replacement windows.

If you ask us, there is no replacement for the charm and architectural styling of a traditional paned glass window, period.

As part of this job the garage, which was new construction, was also primed and painted and shingles stained too.

Here is the completed look of this Spokane Valley Rancher style home.  You would never know that it was built in the early 1900’s in a neighborhood of new homes without an eye for old homes.

We’re glad to have saved another home from a dreadful future of vinyl siding.

And we hope you enjoyed learning about some of the special services we offer at Adept Painters.

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