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Sprayed Interior Finishes

Thanks for visiting our sprayed finishes portfolio!

Our goal is to educate you on what to expect should you hire us to perform any inside work that involves the use of an airless sprayer. 

We’ve been applying sprayed finishes indoors in occupied homes for years with no issues, and that’s not by accident.

Why would we want to spray rather than brush and roll?  Some finishes like enameled trim or lacquers can only really lay down right, giving that silky smooth texture, when they are sprayed on.  Also, in many cases it will simply save you time, and thus money in labor expenses, by choosing to have the paint applied by sprayer.

If we are going this route, we’ll make it clear upfront what your expectations are in terms of co-ordinating with us.  Each situation is different.  Some jobs may benefit from moving belongings to other rooms, or clumping items together in the center of some rooms, both things we explain when we provide our estimate.

Spraying paint in an empty home or new construction is one thing.  A lot more is on the line however when only a thin sheet of plastic stands between wet paint and your prized belongings. 

So, read on to see a typical interior repaint of an occupied home, then relax!  Sometimes the best way to co-ordinate with us is to simply spend a day or two out of town and then come back to see the transformation.

Sprayed Interior Walkthrough

These next pictures show what a repaint involving the airless sprayer (paint sprayer) might look like so you know what to expect.

The disruption of your spaces only really starts once wall prep has been completed and masking begins.

Typical wall prep and other steps before masking might include:

  • cleaning soiled areas
  • filling nail holes and dings, gouges, etc.
  • repairing sheetrock cracks
  • applying light re-texturing as needed
  • sealing out problem stains
  • removing oulet and switch plates
  • removing blinds, interior doors and other items in the way

We co-ordinate with our clients to either have items removed from the areas to be painted (in this case into back rooms and onto the covered patio) or a combination of that and “clumping” of large items into the center of a room where they can safely be masked over with painter’s plastic and allow us to reach all the walls and ceilings.

If you are considering hiring us for the fine look of a sprayed finish, know that we are here to co-ordinate and co-operate with you each step of the way in the planning and execution of this transformation!

The key to offering sprayed interior finishes is proper masking techniques.  It must be done correctly and done precise; it is like cutting a paint line with tape and trust us, not everyone can do it!  Once we begin, we won’t stop until everything is surgically masked off exposing only the surfaces to be painted.

Once masking is complete the paint can fly. With a skilled applicator behind the trigger, sprayed finishes are unrivaled in terms of both quality and uniformity. Spraying allows the applicator superior control over the thickness of coating being applied and gives the ability to keep a true ‘wet edge’ the entire time paint is being applied.

In addition to spraying walls, the same can also be done in a few more steps to both trim and doors.  You may have a few more days of downtime (everything being completely masked off), but the changes can be truly amazing!

This paint is Benjamin Moore Regal Select interior eggshell in a decorator’s white applied to all walls and ceilings.  All that is left for us to do here is carefully remove and discard the masking, re-secure lights, blinds, wall plates, etc. and vacuum the floors and this house has a beautiful, fresh new paint job!

Thanks for viewing our Sprayed Finishes Portfolio and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

We can’t wait to transform your space with our quality minded sprayed finishes!

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