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South Hill Victorian

This was an amazing home to work on with lots of fun to paint old-world detailing.  Our lower South Hill neighborhoods in Spokane are brimming with a variety of architectural styles, and this home is unique with it’s veranda and tower, two great Victorian features!

Take for instance this widow’s peak; it’s a feature more commonly seen where this architectural style is more prevalent (San Francisco for instance).  This also presented a challenge with a retaining wall and alley below making this nearly 40′ from workable ground.

The back of the house receives intense afternoon sun and as a result had some issues with weathering and faded colors.

Here is the South facing side of the house.  Its difficult to get a picture of, but the prior coating is most of the way burnt off from the constant UV exposure.

In these instances its necessary to completely prime which is what has been done here after pressure washing and other prep work.  This provides a sound surface for the top coat to adhere to and helps protect the siding as the years go by with that harsh sun exposure.

Of of the best features of this house are these pillars on the front porch.  Here you can see they were in need of attention before it would be acceptable to repaint them.

We are careful to remove any failed coatings while not damaging the wood.  Here we have applied coats of a clear high build primer prior to caulking the gaps.  In this setting it acts to smooth and seal down the area for the paint.

The back of the house needed spot priming extensively, including all the windows and fascia boards.

Here is what the home looked like fully prepped, just before the paint was applied.

It’s important that windows receive lots of attention before being painted.  They are a feature that stands out on nearly any older home.  Here this window casing is set to be primed and then caulked after having been scraped and sanded.

And with our ability to modernize aluminum storm windows, this is the result we get.  Notice how we were able to keep the storms in place yet get them to blend seamlessly with the overall look of the paint job.

To get maximum hold out against color fading and wind-born dust, the clients selected a high grade paint.  Here we used Benjamin Moore Aura exterior paint in semi gloss sheen.  Even as the absolute highest quality paint, the increase in materials costs is minor when compared to the additional years of protection you get.

A total of five colors were selected for this project for some tasteful trimming opportunities.  If you’re considering a project, keep in mind that we are always able to suggest where to put the trim colors to achieve the look you are going for.  Our client said it looked like a paint robot had cut in the red and blue trim details on the top and bottom of the pillars, a compliment we are pleased to have received.

Here’s the back of the house all finished up.  Everyone involved couldn’t be more happy with the way it turned out. 

The colors are all from the Historic Colors Collection offered by Benjamin Moore.

We are thankful to have had the chance to preserve the character of this Victorian style South Hill home with a historically accurate paint job.  And we hope you now have the confidence to use Adept Painters for your next painting project!



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