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South Hill Bavarian Craftsman

This home is a large craftsman style turn of the century with Bavarian influences. It’s been very well maintained and was basically needing to be repainted after getting a long service life from the prior paint job.

In addition to common problems on the windows and trim, this side of the house had been baking in the sun for just too long. Guess where the track of shading provided by the large soffit is in this picture. 

Can you see it?  That is truly the power of the sun to wear out your paint job over time.

This is a close up of the main problems on that wall. What you’re seeing is the older coatings coming loose, and the newer coatings burning off almost entirely in some spots.

With most quality wood siding and trim, if the substrate itself isn’t ruined, (rotted, split, cupped, etc.) then there are some really good techniques professionals like us can use to get a solid paint job to adhere to it.  When that’s not the case, wood replacement is always an option.

Here is the shady side of the house. This side had weathered much better and you’ve got to  love the large mantle and other German architectural features!

Removing failed paint was a big part of this paint job and many jobs we’re hired for. Care is taken, as seen, to protect the ground and shrubs from this waste so it can be properly disposed of.

A side project on this job was to repair this balcony which is partially exposed to the elements. Here the grooves of the planking have been cleaned out, and sanding is about to begin to address the slight cupping of the boards.

Pressure washing is a necessary step of preparation never to be overlooked.  A clean surface is absolutely vital if you are looking to get professional results.  Here, pressure washing has just finished up.

After failed paint removal and high pressure water cleaning, the sound surfaces are left exposed and we finally start to begin putting things back together.  Amazingly, at this stage of the job people are beginning to comment on how good the place looks!

Here the porch repairs have progressed.  The boards have been filled with epoxy wood filler and then sanded smooth.  Also, a truly weatherproof perimeter caulking job has been done with a specialty sealant.

This fascia board shown earlier could have never been painted to last without a similar repair using our epoxy filling agent in the cracks of the wood. Here it’s sanded, primed and ready for paint.

Large areas of exposed raw wood require a sealing primer first, to soak in and seal the wood. This is especially true when painting over oily woods like cedar.  The area being painted here is receiving a base primer of penetrating solid body stain.

Next the inner window trim color was applied by sprayer. Those French panes are a tedious task to paint, whichever way you approach them.  You either have to cut each pane in by hand with a brush or mask each pane off individually.  Thankfully, we know some shortcuts!  We we’re shooting for the sprayed appearance on this job so we chose the mask and spray option.

This salmon color material is actually a tinted bonding primer, similar to the whitish spots on the siding you can also see here. Multiple stages of priming like this really helps prevent paint flaking in the future which was clearly an issue on this side of the house.

Body paint was then applied. The paint seen here is actually still wet, so it’s not that shiny in the end!

We’re using Benjamin Moore Regal Select paint in low luster sheen.

Here, the body paint is dry.  Doesn’t that just look amazing? The sheen deadens a bit from here as the paint cures fully.

We are working still to trim out the green detailing. All other colors are final.

Just a last peek at that fascia board all finished up for comparison.

And here, the completed repairs to the balcony area.

Our client invested in some other repairs during this job as well such as replacing the ends of the barge beam rafter pictured here. Credit to Authentic Restoration Services for this work, though these types of repairs are services we now offer.

Here’s a comparison of the sunny side of the house after we finished our work.

We worked with our client to keep the existing colors used on the house the same for their historical significance. The paint sheens used were semi-gloss on the green and red trim colors, and low luster on the body.  Paints were all Benjamin Moore brand.

Thanks again to our client for his trust and faith in our process. It was truly a pleasure to work on the home and it looks amazing!  We hope you enjoy showing it off for many years to come.

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