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Perry District

An example of failed paint remediation

We love the older homes of Spokane, more than most people you’ll run across.  But we’ve all seen it…  Sometimes they end up in a state of disrepair.

Our client purchased this home knowing there would be a great deal of work involved and soon, you’ll see why.  When we’re finished you too will be saying, “They just don’t build ’em like they used to.”

This picture was taken after the project was underway.  A good deal of failed paint had to be addressed on this house, and we will show you some of the ways we can handle it.

Here is an actual representation of what the majority of the siding looked like on this house when we originally came out to look at it.  It takes a lot of confidence to see through this kind of neglect.  But like the new owner of this home, some people have an eye for seeing through things.


Here you can see the grounds being protected as we worked our way around the house.  Several removal techniques are at our disposal including HEPA filtered shrouded sanders and strippers.


Quite a bit of effort had already been expended getting this side of the house to where it’s at prepwise.  Rusted nails were being replaced or re-set, new nails were being added to secure loose areas, and lots of scraping and sanding was taking place.


Part of this project included refinishing a front porch.  As you can see, this weathered porch needed a good deal of sanding to properly prepare it.


Much like painting, pressure washing is a job that requires skill and know how.  There are different nozzles as well as specialty rotary nozzles that can be called for depending on the situation.  The area pictured is being rinsed after giving the house a thorough washing.


Here, we are now fully pressure washed and there are new windows and window casing trim that were installed.  Things will start to visually change big time now as we put back together what appears to be a badly weathered house.


In order to ensure the highest level of finish these hardwood surfaces are sanded smooth.  This is the final step before applying primer in order to alleviate the causes of the paint failure.


What you’re seeing here is a full body bonded primer tinted to help the top coat colors show true and to seal down the siding which was prone to chipping.  If you were under the impression that this was the paint scheme, you might be scratching your head about now.  The neighbors we’re starting to wonder about us at this stage of the project and some of the comments we got about the color were pretty funny!

More priming is taking place, but note all the new caulking that has been done.  When the unsightly gaps go away, the difference is remarkable.


Here is a detailed look at what it means to caulk unsightly gaps, cracks and holes.  Now with primer and caulk, this surface is ready for a solid top coat of paint!  One that will last!


Finally the hard work is really paying off.  Body and accent color paint is done, and now the trim color is being applied by sprayer to the second story balcony.


The porches were stained to finish things off and this once ugly house is now a real charmer in this fun and emerging Perry District neighborhood.  Even our friend the paint cat thinks so!



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