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General Contracting Services Portfolio

As a licensed General Contractor, we are able to expand our service offering to our clients helping to tackle difficult repairs and provide a one-stop-shop for getting your home improvement projects done.  On this page, you can learn about some of the work we’ve either done ourselves, or contracted with our trusted network of specialty contractors to have completed under our direction.

Major Historical Structural Repairs

On our Major Restoration Project, this problem area had been developing on the roof.  Tar was being used for maintenance to try and prevent the water intrusion.  The building materials used were simply at the end of their serviceable life.  With this being a historic home, we collaborated with other experts we know and came up with the solution of a custom copper cladding.

With tear-off and structural repairs completed, this one piece soldered copper pan was precisely fitted and even tucks up under the new roofing.  Decorative batten boards were installed over it to tie the repair into the Tudor architectural style of the house.  Additional flashing and underlayment was layed down before the pan installation for a fail-safe design.

There are several examples of the use of copper cladding and counterflashing in historically significant homes all throughout the world.  Although not commonly seen, copper has always been a good choice for high risk building environments due to its malleability, strength, solderability, workability, and high resistance to the caustic effects of mortars and hostile environments.  Plus, the homeowner will enjoy the gradual patina effect as the copper ages.

Deck Renovations and Repairs

Here our client not only wanted us to repaint the home’s large deck, but also wanted some demolition work done to remove several built in planter boxes and some other unsightly aspects of the deck that had worn out since the house was built.  Here, the demolition process had started, but some of the old undesireable features can still be seen.

Old picket style railings were removed along with other failed or dated aspects of the deck to make room for new glass panel railings and other needed repairs.

Several of these repairs involved mimicking the stucco siding, something we are always able to assist with.

Here the new tinted glass railings were installed along with support boxes for the old columns which were to remain.

The 4x4 support posts were wrapped in new cedar, and some other bracing and support was added to the deck subframe.  Soon this would all be stained to match as the entire deck receives new coatings.

We installed stucco to the supports and proceeded with the rest of our work which was to prep and paint the entire house and stain the deck.

Here’s how everything turned out in the end.

If you have general carpentry or repairs that are needed in addition to your painting work, we are happy to work with you to get the work done all at once, giving you one less thing to worry about..

Porch Repairs

Here is another example of the types of projects we’re commonly asked to perform in addition to our services as a painting contractor.  This is the before picture where a new proposed porch railing system would be constructed.

Built during the normal workflow of painting the house, the new railings turned out just the way they were envisioned using quality redwood and cedar building materials..

Siding and Window Replacement

Often times sections of siding are worn out past the point of repainting and so new siding material needs to be brought in.  Also, if there are windows that you would like replaced, we can provide these services to go along with the paint job.  We recommend Marvin Windows for older historic homes.

Here is another example of siding that was replaced during the course of one of our jobs.  With our experience and connections in the construction trades, we are able to source suitable materials for most types of siding and structural wood repairs that typically come up with repainting work.  See our Major Restoration Project for more examples of wood replacement..


Repointing is a skill we have developed after encountering many instances of deteriorated mortar in masonry units.  In addition to field repairs as seen here, we also offer full mortar analysis and repointing of entire buildings if needed.  If the mortar is failing on your home’s masonry work, the time to repair it by repointing is now to avoid costly structural damage from continued deterioration.

Functional Decorative Improvements

These are always an option if you are looking to dress up your home while gaining protection in troublesome areas.  Some examples of work we offer include:

  • Custom wrought iron security bars
  • Copper counterflashing
  • Copper window drip cap counterflashing
  • Re-leading of Leaded Glass Windows

Curb Appeal and Modernization

Sometimes our clients are looking to achieve a more profound improvement to the outside of their home than a paint job can achieve by itself.  We are able to recommend and provide additional services as a General Contractor to make that a reality.  We know what subs to bring in that offer the most bang for your buck and will complete all other work ourselves.

Here, we brought in some new landscaping, new entry and garage doors and installed decorative shingles and shutters to modernize the curb appeal of this home to get it ready to sell along with the new paint job.

If you have additional work that you need to get done we are here to help!

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