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Garland District

This house is located in the Garland District of Spokane on one of the few streets boasting a view overlooking the town below.

As you can see, it had been a long time since the exterior of the house had been paid any attention.

There was lots of paint failure to address.  But take note that the underlying wood on many of these turn of the century houses is of great quality once prepped properly.

Here you can see, after removal and pressure washing, that this house had a lot of issues to get it ready to paint.

Here is the back of the house after removal and pressure washing.

We skipped showing you all the priming and caulking we performed.  And wood repairs were also made to the porch and railing.  After all that, this is how the back of the house turned out complete with new stain on the porch.

Our client was adamant about bringing back the old world charm of the home.  Several new scallop and shake style shingles were replaced to fix the damage, and all the windows were replaced.

And here is that view balcony all finished up with two body colors and a trim color.  These old porches and verandas are such a beautiful and classy feature, one of the reasons we love working on these turn of the century types of homes so much.

The porch and railings were prepped and coated with two coats each.  We used a high quality Miller Paint exterior paint for the railings and a Rodda Paint solid body deck stain formulated for the northwest.

And here is the complete transformation!  It’s hard to believe just how hidden this home’s features were beforehand, but now they are proudly on display for all to see and appreciate.

This home is now back to it’s full old-world charm and will remain that way for many years to come!

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