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Eclectic South Hill Two Story

We knew immediately this house had lots of potential when we saw it for the first time.  It took lots of educating during our site visit, but our clients began to see through the mess too.  The paint was badly failed and there was still the ‘burn’ of having a non-caring paint crew come through some 15 years ago and applying a bandaid of a paint job.

In these situations, education is the best remedy because there are always ways to fix these types of problems!

Besides just the issues of peeling paint, some of the siding had been taking in water, as seen here, and was going to need replaced.  Luckily, we have experience replacing siding.

More water related damage occurred here as runoff found its way inside the mortar lines of the bricks.  After cleaning out the loose mortar, we are able to repoint the bricks to restore the mortar joints before priming with block filler and painting to once again tie this chimney into the house.

The client also was interested in having the front porch rail design updated along with removal of an old glue down carpet and new coatings on the concrete porch.  We were happy to include these repairs in our proposal.

Our first step, to minimize the mess when pressure washing and to check for any additional wood rot, was to scrape the whole house collecting paint chips as we went.  At this time we also begain to remove, replicate and replace the sections of waterlogged siding against all three cheek walls seen here.

The next step was a very thorough pressure washing with our specialized nozzle.  As you can see from the fine chips being collected, our mesh tarps really helped to contain the mess and allow for more removal of poorly adhered paint off the house.

After cleaning, which included the moss on the roof, we also co-ordinated with the gutter installers to remove some crown trim on the fascias and install primed and painted 2x4’s for a sturdier gutter mounting surface.

Rough edges were sanded to feather the effect of the bare wood to old paint.  Doing this keeps your eyes from noticing the many transitions once it’s painted.

At this point the house was masked and then a tinted bonding primer was applied to all areas that required it.

Then gaps and cracks were caulked to ensure a seamless paint job.

Here the dark body color has been freshly applied.  It will darken up even more as it dries.

Here you can see how well the siding replacement matches the original as we near the finish of the job by painting on the last of the trim details.

And now you can also see our porch repairs and the near finished look of this ecletic two story house.  Later in the season, when temperatures came up more, we returned to block fill and paint the rest of the brickwork and applied a new coating to the front porch.

Paints used on this job were Benjamin Moore Regal Select in low luster sheen.

We’d like to personally thank our clients for their hospitality and referrals, we sincerely appreciate it!

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