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Classic Rural Farmhouse

In Spokane’s outlying areas there are many great rural communities with lots of pride of ownership.  Country living in the Northwest with our beautiful seasons and fresh air is truly hard to beat, and we enjoy the opportunity to work in these varied communities.

Here we were hired to perform a complete paint job of this turn of the century farm house with surrounding outbuildings.

Much of the original lap siding was in great shape for it’s age, but there was also a lot of marginal paint adhesion and other typical issues associated with 100+ year old bones..

In addition to painting the house, our clients wanted two large outbuildings stripped of failed paint and whitewashed.

This large storage structure had received a blow-and-go type of paint job with no prep and the paint was coming off in sheets.  We have dealt with this exact situation several times before, so we know the quickest and best approach to achieve the desired result.

Here you can see a close up of what some of the trim looked like in many areas of the house.  As we outline in our proposal, we go through the steps needed to put up a lasting paint job, even on problem areas.

A close up of the front porch pillars also shows how several steps of prep would be required to provide a solid new paint job that will stand up to the test of time.

This photo shows what lap siding will probably look like when the paint is reaching the end of it’s serviceable life.  Just painting directly over areas like this is a big no-no as the underlying issue must be addressed first.  Cedar siding is especially prone to ‘spit off’ old paint that is not properly adhered.

You can see how most of the paint in the picture above was indeed failed and removed by our sanding efforts.  The specialized equipment we use speeds up the prepping process while containing the majority of the mess created.

Here the pillars are stripped down and feather sanded.  They would later be filled with spreadable epoxy filler, primed in oil, final sanded, then receive two coats of finish paint.

The porch was later sanded down and received three coats of a penetrating solid body stain.

At this stage primer is being applied to the whole house.  After this the prep would contine to fully address each problem area encountered and tighten up the house before paint is applied.

Here, the two outbuildings were successfully stripped down to bare wood and were drying out before receiving two coats of a suitable product for barn wood

During the course of this job we also co-ordinated with Landsite Development Inc, a wonderful landscaping contractor we know personally who completed this new paver work.  Thank you so much guys for thinking of us on this job!

In the end, our careful prep work, repairs and quality Benjamin Moore paints led to an incredible transformation on this classic country home.

With the new paver work and high quality paint, this job is now one for books.

We’d like to put out a special thanks to our clients Jack & Lisa for the warm hospitality, cookies and drinks!  We will miss working for you!

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