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Welcome to our Portfolio!

We love showing off these homes as much as you will once they have received a fresh paint job!  Feel free to expand any of the projects featured on this page and see the details we went through.

“How does your guys work turn out so good?”


We get asked this all the time, from a casual probe into why we’re different, to a direct inquiry into what steps we are actually taking.  I can tell you that it all begins in the estimating stage when you first contact us.  Our first and foremost concern is delivering on what you want, whether that’s a complete exterior paint job with repairs, or just an accent wall in your home.  So when we meet we’ll:

  • Communicate to get a clear understanding of what you want
  • Provide a prompt estimate detailing the steps needed to get you there

Once we begin work on your project, the details in each step we take end up making all the difference.  This is something that only comes with experience and from a caring attitude.  Here’s a very broad example.

This is how we spend our actual working time on a typical exterior repaint vs. the other guys.

Our Work:

Their Work:

  • Set up & tear down equipment 5%
  • Prepping the surfaces 45%
  • Protecting areas not to be painted 20%
  • Applying the paint 30%
  • Set up & tear down equipment 20%
  • Prepping the surfaces 25%
  • Protecting areas not to be painted 10%
  • Applying the paint 45%

We constantly strive to improve our workflow, to make ourselves as efficient as possible.  This means investing in state of the art equipment to save time, and having a mentality, along with lots of experience, that allows us to move quickly through the steps listed on your proposal.  We’ve found that we can complete a project often in less time than other paint contractors, and provide a better overall job experience because of how we operate.

We think you’ll understand after viewing some of these projects, and we look forward to talking with you soon so your project can become the next transformation on our list!

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