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About Us

Adept Painters, LLC is a partnership formed by two skilled painters, Jordan Moline and Curt Rinehart, both passionate about delivering beautiful and lasting results. Because of this, we are both able to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have both on or off the jobsite.  Most importantly, our goal is to expand the size of our company and scope of services to better serve our customers and meet the demand for high quality painting and historic restoration work in the area.

About the Partners

Jordan Moline has 8 years of professional experience painting.  Before that, his prior 10 years were spent in a mix of being a Certified Residential real estate appraiser as well as marketing, sales and IT work. He brings an amazing work ethic to each job moving skillfully from step to step in order to get the job done on schedule.  Jordan typically handles the paperwork for the jobs, but both Curt and Jordan know the details of each job and can assist you with any decisions or questions that arise on your job. Because he seeks to exceed customer expectations, Jordan goes out of his way to ensure all steps of the job are done to the best of our abilities. Finally, his goal is to build a lifetime base of customers for Adept Painters, LLC.

Jordan has lived in Spokane for most of his life and currently lives in Spokane Valley with his family and three kids, Baylee (18), Dylan (15) and Dawson (1).  Some of his hobbies and interests include traveling with his family, alternative wellness, real estate, peer to peer disruptive technology, and Gonzaga Basketball to name a few.

Curt Rinehart has over 35 years of professional experience having been trained under the instruction of several masters of the trade at his Uncle’s company.  Also, this large union based painting business operated in the most discerning and exclusive areas of the San Francisco Bay area. As a result, Curt was trained as a teenager how to survive the fast paced production environment of commercial and industrial painting, and then how to thrive as a true painting professional working on high rises, hospitals, churches, synagogues and countless fine homes. He has also worked on many Painted Lady homes in the districts of San Francisco as well as extensive gold leafing and other fine finishes in the Filoli Mansion, just to name a few. Because of his experience, Adept Painters is able to offer nearly any finish you could desire backed by extensive applicable knowledge.

Curt moved his family to the Spokane area in 1998 to avoid the problems of raising a family in the Bay area. He is a father of two recent Mead High School graduates and a loving husband and caretaker of his wife who was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident around the same time.  Some of his several interests are American muscle cars, firearms, and a vocal passion about restoring this country towards it’s great heritage.

We hope you enjoyed learning a thing or two about the partners and owners of Adept Painters, LLC.  We look forward to getting to know you on the jobsite!

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